Mortician Madness


All the Halloween fuss and bother of the last few days transported me back to a previous life in which I was a nurse.  In 1976 I was at a hospital much in need of repair to the fabric of the buildings.  So, what possible relevance can that simple fact have to the story, you’d be forgiven for asking?  Between the ground and lower ground floors was a narrow staircase, accessed through a windowless door and which had about 30 steps, bound on each side by solid walls.  At the bottom, there was another solid door before moving into what was essentially the basement.  The staircase was [...] Read more »

Fang Trim, Anyone?

Cathy vampire

My life has been interesting, exciting and sometimes devastating but never in all the experiences I’ve shared around the globe have I ever been involved in fang trimming, until now.  Oh yes, FangsRus is up an running.  Personally, I have no direct link to a coven – oh, that’s witches, isn’t it? – but can now honestly add ‘vampire’s assistant’ to my CV.  Scary, huh?  Thankfully, I don’t have dentures either but realise vampires have similar problems with retention!  How so?  Well, it’s Haloween and vampires are out and about.  Not quite the same with a missing fang, is it?  The fangs [...] Read more »

The Citroen Cometh


At 15.48hrs this afternoon, Daughter flew in from Liverpool.  Not actually flew, of course, but arrived in a flurry having jumped in car following end of last lecture at 13.00hrs.  She had it timed down to the last second, having loaded bags in car this morning, and bag of Walkers Cheese and Onion as evidenced by empty bag on passenger seat.  She only went back 8 days ago and has managed a weekend with a mate in Sheffield in that time.  Lovely to see her.  Husband descends ladder from where he’s been administering first aid to aging guttering or something.  Job commenced two [...] Read more »



Now the last hot flush of Summer has cooled and normal service has been resumed on the weather front, I see through my window on the world that Autumn has arrived, heralding change.  No, not the end of Summer but rather the preparation for all things new – the clearing out and planning stage.  Yes, the roses have faded and dropped but the berriers are growing, promising nourishment for creatures without the comfort of central heating and chocolate. A few weeks ago, as the sun reached a crescendo, it felt my life was mimicing it’s trajectory.  All was well and stepping stones to the future were being laid [...] Read more »

Trust – Do You?


What was the first thought to enter your mind as you read that single word, trust, which is short in length but huge in meaning?  Did memories of secure, uplifting relationships spring to mind or was it the anger of betrayal which still has a place, smouldering quietly in your psyche? The precious trust of babies, children and animals shows in the way their eyes shine, gently informing they are believers in all that is good; may they forever remain untouched by disappointment. And what of trust that the Universe has our backs, that all is for a reason, absurd though that may currently [...] Read more »

Lessons From Liverpool

Apart from everything else, I admit I've been fretting.  Daughter has gone to Liverpool Uni.  Drove her up on 18th September, collected her key and located her room, expecting one of the modern study bedrooms we'd seen at other campuses.  It felt like a stake through the heart.  Looked at Daughter's face.  She unwillingly released a tear which struggled to a chin that was almost on the floor.  I smiled brightly, thinking I'd covered my shock but it didn't quite reach the eyes.  A breeze block wall painted Read more »

It’s 20 Months Since We Were Together

I can hardly believe twenty months have passed since I last told you I was back and shared the joy of romance at the bus stop – not mine, you may recall – but I bathed in the beauty of the moment for a while afterwards nonetheless.  Here I am again and, I PROMISE, I'll demonstrate rather more staying power and stamina this time.  Well, that's not strictly true since I've actually been steeped in stamina for some time now as so much has happened to the Teenagers and The Mutleys since we last spoke.  Would you like a nosey [...] Read more »

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read more »

Silver Seduction In The Shelter Of Love . . .

Hey, I know I've been away for a while but I'm back now with something truly heartwarming to share with you.  Early yesterday morning I was taking daughter to school (she STILL hasn't put in for her test, even though instructor says she's peaked and now developing the bad habits of the newly passed!) when we stopped at a T- junction.  On the opposite side of the road was a grass verge and hedge and, set slightly stage right, was a dirty glass bus shelter.  Nothing new there then, you may have decided.  What happened next will take your breath away, [...] Read more »

At Last, Word From The Dusty African Plain!

  Finally, today, just three days before Daughter's return, came news from the African plains.  Postal anticipation finally rewarded.  She's been gone since 7th July.  A strange feeling overwhelmed me as the coach left for Heathrow, loaded with young people full of anticipation and excitement which, in most cases, I suspected masked a certain nervousness about the challenges ahead.  It felt like that first day at school.  There was a sense that they'd be changed in subtle ways by the experience; more mature and independent, embarking upon Read more »