ALASKA . . . at last!

Alaska As I write, I’m just days away from realising a long-held and cherished dream – to go  to Alaska_day_2  Alaska, a place that has fascinated me since I was a child.  Why?  It’s the sheer natural beauty, the stillness and tranquillity, the bears and whales, the vast and changeable terrain, the sense that we’ll be ‘visitors’ here for but the blink of an eye yet everything there remains, holding secrets still discovered.  And you know what?

Persevere  This fantastic holiday marks the end of a truly amazing year for me!  I consider myself lucky and blessed to have had opportunities presented which have brought me to the ‘here and now’.  OK, like everyone else, I’ve had boulders in the road (some seemed huge at the time), but always there was a way around them and, more importantly, a guiding hand.  I’ve learned that being positive, never giving up and holding close one’s dreams really do lead to frontiers beyond our own limited imagination.

From the very worst situations come times of immense growth.  I have first hand knowledge of this.  On 5 October last year I was rushed into hospital and, although I didn’t realise it, was within hours of meeting my Maker.  Debilitating surgery followed and my plans seemed in tatters.  What little faith I had in the power of the Universe!  Unbeknown to me, a much greater plan was unfolding.  Yes, I went through pain and discomfort but there is absolutely no way the benefits which followed could have happened without such a life-changing event.  So, Stage Left, all that was being organised unseen.

In the middle, I was listening to my intuition; you know, the inner voice we all have and ignore at our peril?  (Yep, I’ve done that on more than one occasion and fallen flat on my face.  Never again.)  The answers we need are so often already within but it’s easier to ignore that intrinsic knowledge if we don’t receive the answer we want.

Stage Right, Judith Morgan was applying her extensive insight and experience to my static situation.  I would like to say that Judith supported and encouraged me long before I became a member of her mentoring group. 

3813_roses_2 A public ‘thank you’ to Judith for always believing in me, even when I didn’t!  You see, it was Judith’s encouragement to buy a Cleaning Biz pod which came up for sale that has enabled me to realise the dream of going to Alaska!  It doesn’t come much better than that!

Some months ago I cut out a picture of Alaska, whales, etc to put on a ‘wish board’.  How quickly the Universe responded – the opportunity presented before it even got there!  Never doubt the power of thought and emotion! 

Dare to ask for what you ‘really, really want’, as The Spice Girls would say and ALLOW yourself to have it!  Believe it will be, feel the emotion and, before you know it, you’ll be there!  I’ll be ‘there’ on Thursday!

Ah well, enough chatting for now.  I’m off to gather a few more bits and pieces for my suitcase! 

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