Atomic Fusion And Unrelated Matter!

Robin hood Who's the lucky one?  Not me!  Listened to the finer points of atomic fusion in the car this morning – Chemistry AS today, you see!  Things do seem to have moved on since I was forced to learn the Periodic Table by rote.  But it works, you know!  Son thought he'd catch me out the other day by asking me the symbols for certain substances.  Blow me down, the info was retrieved from the furthest recesses of my brain and the CORRECT answers shot from my mouth with the speed and accuracy of Robin Hood's bow!  Have to admit basking in a moment's inner glow as

son looked on in stunned silence – why do they assume all this stuff was only invented since THEY started school?

So, we're down to two more chemistry papers, one history and one statistics and, in the distance, I see a point of light at the end of the tunnel.  Stress, what stress?  Wasn't expecting any, you see.  After all, I've heard so many reports of how EASY the exams are these days.  I have to say, had I been forced to sit these papers, I would be classified as remedial.  This year, it seems things have been tightened up considerably.

Just had a worrying thought – wonder if I've switched to long-term memory already . . . surely a bitBrain early for that, isn't it?  Must invest in that Brain Trainer after all.

Now then, where did I leave my keys?

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