Trust – Do You?


What was the first thought to enter your mind as you read that single word, trust, which is short in length but huge in meaning?  Did memories of secure, uplifting relationships spring to mind or was it the anger of betrayal which still has a place, smouldering quietly in your psyche? The precious trust of babies, children and animals shows in the way their eyes shine, gently informing they are believers in all that is good; may they forever remain untouched by disappointment. And what of trust that the Universe has our backs, that all is for a reason, absurd though that may currently [...] Read more »

Lessons From Liverpool

Apart from everything else, I admit I've been fretting.  Daughter has gone to Liverpool Uni.  Drove her up on 18th September, collected her key and located her room, expecting one of the modern study bedrooms we'd seen at other campuses.  It felt like a stake through the heart.  Looked at Daughter's face.  She unwillingly released a tear which struggled to a chin that was almost on the floor.  I smiled brightly, thinking I'd covered my shock but it didn't quite reach the eyes.  A breeze block wall painted Read more »

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Truth is, I’ve been feeling a bit jaded of late, nothing specific but not quite on form – I’m sure you know what I mean.  Well, today I had a ‘eureka moment’!  As with all great discoveries (although I wouldn’t put this in the same class as penicillin or the splitting of the atom), it happened by accident.  We’re going away next week (more about that in another post because it’s a BIGGIE, the realisation of a lifetime’s dream), and the grass was responding to the sun and showers.  If left unattended until our return, only a scythe would do [...] Read more »

Chocolate Eggs and Shattering Emotional Shock . . .

Easter Monday already!  Did it all happen on Sunday in your home, too?  Yep, eggs-a-plenty, chocolate generously donated by visiting friends and family, delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings.  Cheerful, sociable teenagers, even made a trifle as a way of mentally including my darling Dad, for whom trifle was the ‘icing on the cake’!  All was well in Chez Swift, until that shattering email. Now, I’m a girl who has travelled extensively.  I held the title of Junior Shark Fishing Champion (under 5 age group) at one point when we lived in Bahrain and I had been up Mount [...] Read more »

90 and still right there in the zone!

I’ve been to Plymouth again.  This time not ‘sick’ visiting but to celebrate the 90th birthday of a special lady.  90 years of age and still right there in the zone!  We did wonder if she’s actually 100 because she’s been knocking the odd decade off the running total for years! It was a surprise party; friends, family and long time acquaintances and a couple of buddies from the nursing home all joining together to bring an afternoon of sheer joy to Lillian, who likes to be called Les (don’t ask!). Read more »