Glue Sticks at 2.00am!

It’s done!  No more!  Thank goodness!  My stamina’s not what it was and I haven’t had to do it!  Yep, I’m referring to the endless stream of GCSE course work.  The final push came at 2.00am this morning . . . sounds like a military campaign, doesn’t it? Read more »

Joy and GCSEs!

As I write, I have a headache caused by wind.  No, not flatulence but a full-on Force 9.  No doubt you heard the weather warnings on the radio so I guess it is only the insane who decide to venture out into the open to greet Mother Nature on her own terms!  But even this morning, as I walked The Mutleys in the field, bent double by the wind but enjoying the sunshine, I learnt something.  As I watched the Spaniels run for the sheer joy of running, of being alive, of seizing the moment I couldn’t help thinking how [...] Read more »