It’s rain on the bonnet . . .

I’d travelled through torrential rain from Gloucestershire to Slough when, suddenly, it stopped.  Mind blowingly exciting for you, not.  Relevant?  Most certainly!  I was a girl on a mission and The Smoke (more later) beckoned.  Hit Hammersmith just as the traffic was squeezing itself into the arteries of London.  OK, no problem, radio on, singing along at dangerously high decibels.  (At the moment am slightly deaf in one ear so tone and quality of sound not guaranteed.)  Crawled through Fulham but, no sweat, enjoyed watching the market stallholders unpacking their goodies.  (How on earth do they make a living when [...] Read more »

Rising Resistance!

My physiology is a-changin’!  It’s scary!  I’m ill equipped to cope!  This little change will mean my life will change.  Such a simple thing, such great possibilities.  Am I wittering?  Sorry!  Just in shock, you see.  It’s happened twice.  Anyone who knows me well will concur that I just don’t do it! Today, I nearly did . . . Read more »

Squirrels and Flashes

They got me last night.  They’ve been after me for years.  I skillfully avoided them, aware they lurked in bushes, secretly waiting for me.  Last night I lost control and I’m SO annoyed with myself.  You see, I’ve always played the game and won.  Cat and mouse.  Member of the Proletariat against Big Brother.  Underdog with upper hand, you know what I mean! Read more »

Reef Knot Rescue

Have just returned from a round trip of 360 miles to Plymouth and much hilarity in the face of adversity!  Never thought I would have to call on the ‘reef knot’ I learned at Brownies sometime in the last century. Along the M5 I bombed when, suddenly, something of a failed engineering nature beat the windscreen.  Pulling onto the hard shoulder and coming to a speedy halt from an speed in excess of the 70mph regulation, I flicked on the hazards and alighted from my vehicle, fearless in the face of pounding rain and the heavy traffic approaching from behind.  [...] Read more »