They’re all the same . . .

The German exchange continues.  We haven't swopped a German you understand, we've gained one from Gottingen (civic heraldry shown left) which became a city in the early 13th Century.  Having enjoyed Tom 's company over the last 24-hours, I notice he displays exactly the same tendencies as our own 15-year old!  Take the PE kit, for example.  Son is heavily into fitness and suggested to Continental friend he might like to visit the school gym at the end of the day yesterday.  Tom was very keen as at home they're not permitted to use a gym until the age of 16.  He Read more »

I turned to see him on his back, writhing in ecstacy . . .

It was a beautifully sunny yet cool morning today, just how I like them.  Decided to revisit an old haunt that brought so much pleasure last year.  I'd thought about going a couple of weeks ago but didn't quite have the zest. Delivered Daughter to school (she's not well by the way, so may be called away to collect her before I've finished our chat), then pulled up in the 'make do' lay-by next to the field.  Already I'd spotted a change but, undaunted, I released the Mutleys from the boot (please don't be alarmed, it's a hatchback!) and their [...] Read more »

Chick feels the wind beneath his wings . . .

It’s seemed a bit odd today, even The Mutleys are out of sorts.  Son set off on school trip to Ribadesella in Spain at 6am yesterday.  Text arrived last night saying the place was beautiful, they’d had a great dinner and there was evening entertainment.  Last night I kept thinking I ought to be collecting said Son from somewhere but the taxi sat, redundant, on the drive. This morning, can you believe, I was awoken at some ungodly hour (well, daughter has finished GCSEs and husband had gone to work) by someone asking if Son wanted a lift to school [...] Read more »

Ladies Of The Field!

I’m coping with disappointment this morning.  Having pulled up in our usual lay-by, put The Mutleys on their leads before they leave the rear of the car, both shaking with anticipation, we walk the short distance to the style when, usually, the dogs are de-leaded (I’m not sure that’s a word!) and posted through the lower section and I climb the style, into ‘our field’.  I should say there is a right-of-way across this field, so we are not trespassing. Shock, horror!  Today we are met by a dozen or more wet, hairy muzzles each belonging to a Lady of [...] Read more »

Never Walk With Children or Animals!

Woke to rain battering the window, stair rods from Heaven greeting the morn!  First thought is, "Oh no, at the Eye Hospital this afternoon, don’t want to get my hair wet walking The Mutleys"!  Now, in the written word, that sentiment does seem just a weeny bit selfish!  However, I paid the price . . . Read more »

The Metal Birds!

Alf, is a character.  He sometimes has ‘issues’.  He was sent into a tail spin (literally!) during Cheltenham Gold Cup Week when the poor lad was all covered in confusion. Let me explain.  Alfie loves to chase birds.  Yes, on occasions he has caught them but he has such a soft mouth, he delivers them to me by gently opening his mouth and a somewhat startled but unharmed feathered friend will hop out.  Usually, in ‘our field’ he simply runs at a feeding flock of whatever happens to have landed.  Of course, they all fly off and our lad runs [...] Read more »

I do wish he wouldn’t do that!

He’s done it again!  Crept up on me and gently placed his head on my knee as I sat at the kitchen table engaging in a little Alzheimer delaying therapy in the form of a crossword.  My husband started it.  I suggested he might combine this activity with a multivitamin supplement as a little extra protection.  Not impressed. We’re quite effective as a crossword team because we think so differently.  I can always see what should be in his ‘gaps’ and (sometimes!) vice versa.  Fascinating how words are dredged from the furthest recesses of the mind, surprising me because I [...] Read more »