Now the last hot flush of Summer has cooled and normal service has been resumed on the weather front, I see through my window on the world that Autumn has arrived, heralding change.  No, not the end of Summer but rather the preparation for all things new – the clearing out and planning stage.  Yes, the roses have faded and dropped but the berriers are growing, promising nourishment for creatures without the comfort of central heating and chocolate. A few weeks ago, as the sun reached a crescendo, it felt my life was mimicing it’s trajectory.  All was well and stepping stones to the future were being laid [...] Read more »

It’s 20 Months Since We Were Together

I can hardly believe twenty months have passed since I last told you I was back and shared the joy of romance at the bus stop – not mine, you may recall – but I bathed in the beauty of the moment for a while afterwards nonetheless.  Here I am again and, I PROMISE, I'll demonstrate rather more staying power and stamina this time.  Well, that's not strictly true since I've actually been steeped in stamina for some time now as so much has happened to the Teenagers and The Mutleys since we last spoke.  Would you like a nosey [...] Read more »

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read more »

Gratitude Journal Stardate April 21 2009 . . .

Today I was truly blessed.  Left home in good time for appointment at hairdressers.  How can cones and roadworks appear overnight when I only ever see 'workmen' chatting and drinking tea?  Town in gridlock.  Now likely to be late. Drat.  Hate being late.  Can't be late today as taking daughter for interview with possible mentor at 4pm!  Navigate blockage and head for car park on side of town to enable quick escape as I (plan) to emerge from salon with sun-kissed tresses and a light spring in my step. Read more »

Eau de Dobbin and equine essences . . .

Sorry, been absent for a while.  Life's been giddy, just managed to keep the nostrils above water.  Spent most of last week travelling to and from Bath, delivering or collecting daughter from a famous Stud.  Now, to say her education (and mine) have been expanded is rather understating the situation.  I've learned that the pungent pong of horses (however blue-blooded they may be) is absorbed as though by osmosis.  You're not old enough to know what daughter was studying . . . thank heavens I didn't get further than the yard, the lab would have been a step too far!  I'd better [...] Read more »

Finally, It’s Here . . .

'Tis good to be alive today because it's here!  Am I twittering again?  Sorry!  I felt a rush of excitement as I stepped out into the morning air . . . OK, it wasn't at first light but it is half-term and a girl needs her rest . . . for the air held a particular quality and promise of Spring!  You know what I mean, there's a magical note all around and the birds seem to be singing with renewed vigour and something touches the soul. Now maybe it's the rising sap but there is panic in our household because I'm [...] Read more »

I’ve had a ‘Marion Makeover’!

Marion Ryan of has spent night and day for almost a week (and it must seem an eternity to her!) revamping me!  Corr, ain’t I lookin’ grand?  Eyes left to see the button I lifted (yes, I admit it!) from Marion’s blog! But know what’s so special about Marion?  She has a real ‘feel’ for the colours and content to really reflect the essence of the site and, yes, the owner!  I bet she can guess what dog you have, too, just by looking at you!  Now, I’m joking!  Blogging is the new ‘black’ (well, you know what I [...] Read more »