When I Loved Myself Enough . . .

Oh, the joy of releasing the responsibility! "When I loved myself enough . . . I quit trying to be a saviour for others!   How wonderful it is not to feel duty bound to take responsibility for the problems and misfortunes of others.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I have always helped where I can and I will never pass someone needing help without offering it – that’s how the Universal system works!  Help has always been given to me in my hour of need and often from the most unlikely sources.  What you put on the wheel and all [...] Read more »

Oh, the joy! The sense of freedom!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I quit answering the telephone when I don’t want to talk." This may seem simple, but it’s a ‘biggie’!  Over the years I must have spent what amounts to months speaking on the telephone when I really didn’t want to.  An inanimate object was my master.  It called, I responded . . . even when tired, busy, unwell or just feeling like a little quiet time – OK, antisocial! Read more »

Stop being a salmon!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I redefined success and life became simple.  Oh, the pleasure of that." Perhaps in chasing the elusive dream, we sometimes trample on the small successes that, sadly, we don’t even recognise.  You know, those little challenges we overcome ON OUR WAY to the bigger dream.  And than, one day, as we trudge a little further towards a chosen apirational peak, the mists suddenly clear and reality dawns . . . Ever realised you’re actually climbing the wrong mountain?  I have!  No wonder it was such hard work!  When we’re not in our [...] Read more »

Changes, changes everywhere!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy.  This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgment called it disloyal.  Now I see it as self-loving." Wow, there’s plenty to think about there.  I’m going through that process now, have been for a couple of years, although I didn’t recognise it in the beginning!  It’s scary, exciting, life enhancing and mind expanding.  Oh, and I forgot to say exhilarating! Where are you on your journey of self-discovery? Read more »

Long story, little book . . .

Daughter was off on school trip to France and needed gift for host family.  Saw DVD advertised in a bookshop window of the history of Gloucester (where homestead is sited).  Purchased copy of said DVD with pride thinking it would be treasured by the French.  Pleased with self and ‘painless’ purchase, rushed home.  Met with teenage disapproval of such an ‘uncool’ treasure.  Return DVD.  No refunds given.  OK, it wasn’t Waterstones, nothing like actually, just a rather tatty bookshop which at first sight looked like a storeroom for second hand books.  Surprisingly, the books were new but had obviously been [...] Read more »