Now the last hot flush of Summer has cooled and normal service has been resumed on the weather front, I see through my window on the world that Autumn has arrived, heralding change.  No, not the end of Summer but rather the preparation for all things new – the clearing out and planning stage.  Yes, the roses have faded and dropped but the berriers are growing, promising nourishment for creatures without the comfort of central heating and chocolate.

A few weeks ago, as the sun reached a crescendo, it felt my life was mimicing it’s trajectory.  All was well and stepping stones to the future were being laid – I thought.  I don’t recall the artist but the words of a song have been playing in my mind all day: “Change is all around me, it’s everywhere I go . . .”

But the Future’s not ready yet.  I have to be patient and know that what I thought was the final plan, the  garden in full bloom, was just good to ponder and enjoy.  The planning’s still under way, meandering in avenues I haven’t considered.  I know this is true.

You know, I’ve always believed I’m a good judge of character.  No, more than that, I know I am.  So caught up was I in the top show of the blooms, I missed the infestation and scarring on the underside of the leaves.  But I wasn’t looking for flaws, simply at what presented to me.

Listening to Mrs Mason as I assisted in her Year 2 class (light years ago now), I delighted in her positive twist on everything.  One girl, having only come second in the maths test, was hysterical.  One can only assume parental expectation on her was crushing.  Mrs Mason explained that there was no such thing as a mistake, only an opportunity for learning.  Such is my present situation.Future

As the leaves of change flutter all around, a leaf from a most unexpected tree landed on my desk this  morning.  Yes, planning is definitely under way and the future will be ready very soon.


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