Silver Seduction In The Shelter Of Love . . .

Update blog Hey, I know I've been away for a while but I'm back now with something truly heartwarming to share with you. 

Early yesterday morning I was taking daughter to school (she STILL hasn't put in for her test, even though instructor says she's peaked and now developing the bad habits of the newly passed!) when we stopped at a T- junction.  On the opposite side of the road was a grass verge and hedge and, set slightly stage right, was a dirty glass bus shelter.  Nothing new there then, you may have decided.  What happened next will take your breath away, as it did daughter and I .  .  .

Sheltering from the cutting wind and early morning cold was an elderly couple (OK, very elderly), both dressed in winter coats, she bespectacled and sporting a red hat.  Must say at this point I don't believe my dear Dad's theory about ladies who wear red hats (red hat, no draws!) applies in this case.  Suspect Nora Battyesque undergear.  I digress. 

As we waited a moment or two to pull out, the gentleman (in a full length navy coat) came out of the shelter so I love you 2 he could see through the end of it and drew a heart in the dusty coating on the glass.  Daughter and I just looked at each other in amazement, both feeling a little glow of happiness and gratitude that we'd shared this special silver moment.  The Love for whom this act of romance was intended beamed from within the shelter and, I suspect, from within her very soul . . . and then we were on our way and out of view.  How wonderful that this couple's love was still alive, playful and spontaneous.

I was thinking about this all day, on and off, it really warmed me to the core. 

This morning we repeated the journey and, although the shelter was no longer a stage for a couple still very much in love, the evidence remained.  Paying particular attention as we passed, I noticed initals had been added and I wondered how old this young-at-heart couple were the very first time they serenaded each other, via a symbol of love in the grime of the bus shelter or otherwise?

Did they have a family who, through the years, just thought of Mum and Dad as 'there', without thought to THEIR lives, shared in togetherness before the family came along and reunited in romance with the fledglings long since flown.  Would they even comprehend their father being able to act with such romantic abandon?  Or perhaps they were childhood sweethearts; soul mates, who journeying through the years bound by laughter and dreams, still delighting in the magic of each other's company.  Maybe they had met later in life, each having shared many years with their own families, finding each other when left alone during their silver years and cherishing each other as they travelled through their Autumn.

So, why did this have such an impact upon me, I wondered?  I realised that age is no barrier to living in the moment.  This couple had probably been doing just that long before it became a fashionable uttering.  Rushing around doing everyday 'stuff' can be the biggest thief of spontaneity, fun and life-enhancing laughter.

Is it a contradiction in terms to plan to do at least one spontaneous thing each day?  Answers on a postcard, please . . . or leave a comment telling me what you think? 

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