Joy and GCSEs!

Gcse As I write, I have a headache caused by wind.  No, not flatulence but a full-on Force 9.  No doubt you heard the weather warnings on the radio so I guess it is only the insane who decide to venture out into the open to greet Mother Nature on her own terms!  But even this morning, as I walked The Mutleys in the field, bent double by the wind but enjoying the sunshine, I learnt something.  As I watched the Spaniels run for the sheer joy of running, of being alive, of seizing the moment I couldn’t help thinking how uncomplicated life could be if we all did the same.  However ‘down’ I may be feeling as I watch them ENJOYING THE MOMENT, I can’t help smiling to myself!  I learnt something last night, too!

It’s GCSE season in our house, along with many other homes housing teenagers across the land.  Last night I realised I don’t have to obsess about revision plans, etc, etc because my daughter has everything under control!  I should have known she would be cool, calm and collected and it was MY inner ditherings I was registering, not hers!

How did this revelation come to pass?  Well, passed comment that nobody was around to watch a DVD with me these days, implying that my daughter was always in her bedroom.  (Actually, had plenty I should have been doing anyway!)  Imagine my rush of respect and admiration as my daughter replied: "Ask me again in 10 weeks, I have deadlines!"  So, there were intellectual goings on while the music is playing and the occasional beep of an incoming MSM message can be heard! 

Now, this morning, thinking I would ease entry into the day for her (she hates mornings!), I prepared a nicely warmed croissant and some hot chocolate (favourite) as she doesn’t drink any other hot drinks.  Then, resisted the ritual bellowing of ‘Hurry Up!’ from the bottom of the stairs and checked my emails instead.  (Oh, forgot the orange flavoured Brain Boosters that nestled next to said warmed croissant.)  Smiled to myself as she said "I would have been ready five minutes ago, if you hadn’t given me all this food!" and I hadn’t said a word.  Perhaps I never need to?  "Just setting you up for the day", I chirpily responded.  I did receive a penetrating ‘What’s she up to?’ sort of look!

So, what did I learn?  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!  Make sure my concerns about others are really about them and not my own baggage coming to haunt me.  Think that’s enough for one day!

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