Oh, the joy! The sense of freedom!

"When I loved myself enough . . .

I quit answering the telephone when I don’t want to talk."

Phone This may seem simple, but it’s a ‘biggie’!  Over the years I must have spent what amounts to months speaking on the telephone when I really didn’t want to.  An inanimate object was my master.  It called, I responded . . . even when tired, busy, unwell or just feeling like a little quiet time – OK, antisocial!

I was always worried that I might miss something important, that someone might need something.  Guess what, I’ve discovered that I have ‘needs’, too!  And the sheer joy of thinking, if not actually saying, "No, I don’t feel like talking at the moment" is life-enhancing!  Try it, if you’re a telephone slave!

I now have a separate business telephone and choose when to answer it.  My mobile displays callers and anyone who might need me (schools, family, etc) will ring on the mobile if I don’t answer the landline.  So, I win and nobody who matters loses! 

I can’t describe the bliss of slowly reclaiming my soul through loving myself and, accordingly, changing my behaviour! 

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