Rabies, Hepatitis B and Unrest!

Way back last Spring, I shared with you our excitement at Daughter being selected for a life enhancing/changing trip to Madagascar.  Arrangements have been moving ahead since then with training camps, more instructional emails than I care to count (and those are only the ones The Traveller deems I must view, usually involving the exchange of currency for some 'essential' item). We're down to just two visits to the Practice Nurse this week, Tuesday and Friday for number two in a series of three injections each for Rabies and Hepatitis B.  I'll leave you to imagine the degree of heavenward eye [...] Read more »

I turned to see him on his back, writhing in ecstacy . . .

It was a beautifully sunny yet cool morning today, just how I like them.  Decided to revisit an old haunt that brought so much pleasure last year.  I'd thought about going a couple of weeks ago but didn't quite have the zest. Delivered Daughter to school (she's not well by the way, so may be called away to collect her before I've finished our chat), then pulled up in the 'make do' lay-by next to the field.  Already I'd spotted a change but, undaunted, I released the Mutleys from the boot (please don't be alarmed, it's a hatchback!) and their [...] Read more »

Finally, It’s Here . . .

'Tis good to be alive today because it's here!  Am I twittering again?  Sorry!  I felt a rush of excitement as I stepped out into the morning air . . . OK, it wasn't at first light but it is half-term and a girl needs her rest . . . for the air held a particular quality and promise of Spring!  You know what I mean, there's a magical note all around and the birds seem to be singing with renewed vigour and something touches the soul. Now maybe it's the rising sap but there is panic in our household because I'm [...] Read more »

Marigolds and Mesh!

I'm back . . . but did you notice I'd gone, dear reader?  (I won't flatter myself by going plural here!)  Yes, I was going to Alaska for two weeks last August but I've been away six months!  Well, not away, actually, but seriously indisposed.  However, all is now well!   "Okayyyyy, so where have you been, Janet?",  I hear you chorus in the recesses of my imagination.  Well Alaska was wonderful but more about that later.  Truth is, I had another encounter with Miss Rodd's 'Marigolds'! Read more »

Darling Darren and the Fractured Pipe

I was rushing around this morning trying to achieve as much as possible by lunchtime when the unexpected happened.  Having been a Brownie in another century, I decided I could cope, no, would cope!  You see, the brakes failed on my trusty steed.  Not her fault, apparently.  Thankfully, had just delivered daughter to animal sanctuary for the day and was on the way home.  Lots of roundabouts to negotiate.  Sinking feeling as foot hit the floor and almost nothing happened.  Luckily didn’t hit anything else.  Limped to Darling Darren.  Imagine my relief when I saw he was there, under a [...] Read more »

ALASKA . . . at last!

As I write, I’m just days away from realising a long-held and cherished dream – to go  to   Alaska, a place that has fascinated me since I was a child.  Why?  It’s the sheer natural beauty, the stillness and tranquillity, the bears and whales, the vast and changeable terrain, the sense that we’ll be ‘visitors’ here for but the blink of an eye yet everything there remains, holding secrets still discovered.  And you know what? Read more »

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Truth is, I’ve been feeling a bit jaded of late, nothing specific but not quite on form – I’m sure you know what I mean.  Well, today I had a ‘eureka moment’!  As with all great discoveries (although I wouldn’t put this in the same class as penicillin or the splitting of the atom), it happened by accident.  We’re going away next week (more about that in another post because it’s a BIGGIE, the realisation of a lifetime’s dream), and the grass was responding to the sun and showers.  If left unattended until our return, only a scythe would do [...] Read more »

The Earth Is So Unyielding . . .

I took up the invitation (which actually felt more like a ‘thrown down gauntlet’ challenge) to me and spent the night under canvas.  Please notice, I didn’t use the word ‘slept’!  Thought it might be nice to experience something new on a muggy, breezy evening.  Huh!  Now, I don’t ‘do’ camping, nearest I ever came was a night in a sodden field in a trailer tent one October . . . bit of a light bulb moment going on here, I bet that’s why I’ve never repeated the experience.  Why have I never made the connection before?  Was told the [...] Read more »

I thought the holidays were for resting . . .

I feel a little like Brian Hanrahan on board HMS Ark Royal when he famously said "I counted them out and I counted them in again"!  (It was a while ago, but I think it was Brian.) Son returned from wonderful trip to Spain (now wants to live there!), daughter then departed for training camp for Madagascar 2009 (just a tad early, I thought, given they’re not going for another year, but what do I know?) As I write, son and friend camping in tent in the back garden.  Mind you, it’s 5* camping . . . Read more »

Chick feels the wind beneath his wings . . .

It’s seemed a bit odd today, even The Mutleys are out of sorts.  Son set off on school trip to Ribadesella in Spain at 6am yesterday.  Text arrived last night saying the place was beautiful, they’d had a great dinner and there was evening entertainment.  Last night I kept thinking I ought to be collecting said Son from somewhere but the taxi sat, redundant, on the drive. This morning, can you believe, I was awoken at some ungodly hour (well, daughter has finished GCSEs and husband had gone to work) by someone asking if Son wanted a lift to school [...] Read more »