Ladies Of The Field!

I’m coping with disappointment this morning.  Having pulled up in our usual lay-by, put The Mutleys on their leads before they leave the rear of the car, both shaking with anticipation, we walk the short distance to the style when, usually, the dogs are de-leaded (I’m not sure that’s a word!) and posted through the lower section and I climb the style, into ‘our field’.  I should say there is a right-of-way across this field, so we are not trespassing. Shock, horror!  Today we are met by a dozen or more wet, hairy muzzles each belonging to a Lady of [...] Read more »

When I Loved Myself Enough . . .

Oh, the joy of releasing the responsibility! "When I loved myself enough . . . I quit trying to be a saviour for others!   How wonderful it is not to feel duty bound to take responsibility for the problems and misfortunes of others.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I have always helped where I can and I will never pass someone needing help without offering it – that’s how the Universal system works!  Help has always been given to me in my hour of need and often from the most unlikely sources.  What you put on the wheel and all [...] Read more »

Never Walk With Children or Animals!

Woke to rain battering the window, stair rods from Heaven greeting the morn!  First thought is, "Oh no, at the Eye Hospital this afternoon, don’t want to get my hair wet walking The Mutleys"!  Now, in the written word, that sentiment does seem just a weeny bit selfish!  However, I paid the price . . . Read more »

Hormone Extravaganza!

Bet you thought I was going to speak of ‘Women of a Certain Age’, did you not?  You know the stuff, body part migration, night sweats, negative nuances . . . Oh no, hormones in our house have produced feet the size of skis.  Think I’m joking?  It’s the school holidays and 14-year-old son has had friends over.  Daughter has been visited by 16-year-old admirers.  Little me (and it’s not very often I can say that!) at 5′ 7" (1.70m for you metrics), I am dwarfed by gigantic boys whom it seems were waist high just months ago . . [...] Read more »

The Metal Birds!

Alf, is a character.  He sometimes has ‘issues’.  He was sent into a tail spin (literally!) during Cheltenham Gold Cup Week when the poor lad was all covered in confusion. Let me explain.  Alfie loves to chase birds.  Yes, on occasions he has caught them but he has such a soft mouth, he delivers them to me by gently opening his mouth and a somewhat startled but unharmed feathered friend will hop out.  Usually, in ‘our field’ he simply runs at a feeding flock of whatever happens to have landed.  Of course, they all fly off and our lad runs [...] Read more »

Oh, the joy! The sense of freedom!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I quit answering the telephone when I don’t want to talk." This may seem simple, but it’s a ‘biggie’!  Over the years I must have spent what amounts to months speaking on the telephone when I really didn’t want to.  An inanimate object was my master.  It called, I responded . . . even when tired, busy, unwell or just feeling like a little quiet time – OK, antisocial! Read more »

Glue Sticks at 2.00am!

It’s done!  No more!  Thank goodness!  My stamina’s not what it was and I haven’t had to do it!  Yep, I’m referring to the endless stream of GCSE course work.  The final push came at 2.00am this morning . . . sounds like a military campaign, doesn’t it? Read more »

Chocolate Eggs and Shattering Emotional Shock . . .

Easter Monday already!  Did it all happen on Sunday in your home, too?  Yep, eggs-a-plenty, chocolate generously donated by visiting friends and family, delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings.  Cheerful, sociable teenagers, even made a trifle as a way of mentally including my darling Dad, for whom trifle was the ‘icing on the cake’!  All was well in Chez Swift, until that shattering email. Now, I’m a girl who has travelled extensively.  I held the title of Junior Shark Fishing Champion (under 5 age group) at one point when we lived in Bahrain and I had been up Mount [...] Read more »

Rising Resistance!

My physiology is a-changin’!  It’s scary!  I’m ill equipped to cope!  This little change will mean my life will change.  Such a simple thing, such great possibilities.  Am I wittering?  Sorry!  Just in shock, you see.  It’s happened twice.  Anyone who knows me well will concur that I just don’t do it! Today, I nearly did . . . Read more »

Stop being a salmon!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I redefined success and life became simple.  Oh, the pleasure of that." Perhaps in chasing the elusive dream, we sometimes trample on the small successes that, sadly, we don’t even recognise.  You know, those little challenges we overcome ON OUR WAY to the bigger dream.  And than, one day, as we trudge a little further towards a chosen apirational peak, the mists suddenly clear and reality dawns . . . Ever realised you’re actually climbing the wrong mountain?  I have!  No wonder it was such hard work!  When we’re not in our [...] Read more »