Changes, changes everywhere!

"When I loved myself enough . . . I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy.  This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgment called it disloyal.  Now I see it as self-loving." Wow, there’s plenty to think about there.  I’m going through that process now, have been for a couple of years, although I didn’t recognise it in the beginning!  It’s scary, exciting, life enhancing and mind expanding.  Oh, and I forgot to say exhilarating! Where are you on your journey of self-discovery? Read more »

90 and still right there in the zone!

I’ve been to Plymouth again.  This time not ‘sick’ visiting but to celebrate the 90th birthday of a special lady.  90 years of age and still right there in the zone!  We did wonder if she’s actually 100 because she’s been knocking the odd decade off the running total for years! It was a surprise party; friends, family and long time acquaintances and a couple of buddies from the nursing home all joining together to bring an afternoon of sheer joy to Lillian, who likes to be called Les (don’t ask!). Read more »

Joy and GCSEs!

As I write, I have a headache caused by wind.  No, not flatulence but a full-on Force 9.  No doubt you heard the weather warnings on the radio so I guess it is only the insane who decide to venture out into the open to greet Mother Nature on her own terms!  But even this morning, as I walked The Mutleys in the field, bent double by the wind but enjoying the sunshine, I learnt something.  As I watched the Spaniels run for the sheer joy of running, of being alive, of seizing the moment I couldn’t help thinking how [...] Read more »

Long story, little book . . .

Daughter was off on school trip to France and needed gift for host family.  Saw DVD advertised in a bookshop window of the history of Gloucester (where homestead is sited).  Purchased copy of said DVD with pride thinking it would be treasured by the French.  Pleased with self and ‘painless’ purchase, rushed home.  Met with teenage disapproval of such an ‘uncool’ treasure.  Return DVD.  No refunds given.  OK, it wasn’t Waterstones, nothing like actually, just a rather tatty bookshop which at first sight looked like a storeroom for second hand books.  Surprisingly, the books were new but had obviously been [...] Read more »

I do wish he wouldn’t do that!

He’s done it again!  Crept up on me and gently placed his head on my knee as I sat at the kitchen table engaging in a little Alzheimer delaying therapy in the form of a crossword.  My husband started it.  I suggested he might combine this activity with a multivitamin supplement as a little extra protection.  Not impressed. We’re quite effective as a crossword team because we think so differently.  I can always see what should be in his ‘gaps’ and (sometimes!) vice versa.  Fascinating how words are dredged from the furthest recesses of the mind, surprising me because I [...] Read more »

Squirrels and Flashes

They got me last night.  They’ve been after me for years.  I skillfully avoided them, aware they lurked in bushes, secretly waiting for me.  Last night I lost control and I’m SO annoyed with myself.  You see, I’ve always played the game and won.  Cat and mouse.  Member of the Proletariat against Big Brother.  Underdog with upper hand, you know what I mean! Read more »

Reef Knot Rescue

Have just returned from a round trip of 360 miles to Plymouth and much hilarity in the face of adversity!  Never thought I would have to call on the ‘reef knot’ I learned at Brownies sometime in the last century. Along the M5 I bombed when, suddenly, something of a failed engineering nature beat the windscreen.  Pulling onto the hard shoulder and coming to a speedy halt from an speed in excess of the 70mph regulation, I flicked on the hazards and alighted from my vehicle, fearless in the face of pounding rain and the heavy traffic approaching from behind.  [...] Read more »