Rising Resistance!

Bed_2 My physiology is a-changin’!  It’s scary!  I’m ill equipped to cope!  This little change will mean my life will change.  Such a simple thing, such great possibilities.  Am I wittering?  Sorry!  Just in shock, you see.  It’s happened twice.  Anyone who knows me well will concur that I just don’t do it!

Today, I nearly did . . .

Bet you’re thinking it sounds serious, aren’t you?  Well, it is!  For me!  "Be careful what you ask for, for you just might get it!" the Sages say.  I have, I think?!

Now, I don’t think this change is down to any spiritual unfoldment, but rather my new drops.  Or is it just a placebo effect?  The jury’s out on that one.

For the second time in a week I was fully awake before the Dawn had even reached the Gloucester skyline.  Try as I may, it was impossible to go back to sleep.  You see, I have always deeply enjoyed turning over and drifting off again.  Not today!  Awake and firing on all four, a state I’d longed for for many a long year.  But it was strange.  Although I was awake, I felt a real resistance to getting up.  Why was that?  Answers on a postcard, please.  I was surprised to register a blockage.  Didn’t know I had one on the rising front.  It felt as though I was considering doing something against my religion (although I don’t particularly subscribe to any), certainly going against the grain.  And here I was experiencing what I THOUGHT I had wanted for years.  And I do.  Really!

Do you think it could be the drops?  Synchronicity and all that led me to purchase a pH balancing product.  Son came home from a chemistry lesson proudly announcing that he was the only one in the class to register as alkaline rather than acidic on the litmus paper.  (Am I taking you back a decade or two?)  Apparently, that’s good.  Means he’s eating his greens!

A few days later I read an article about optimum pH levels in the body.  Too acidic and you’re on the downward slope to premature ageing and disease.  Wow!  Didn’t know that.  And there was me thinking the migration South of body parts was down to gravity!  Ordered the drops.  Four drops in a glass of water eight times a day.  Three glasses has been the most I have managed so far.  It’s all that water, you see.  Yes, I know, need to be fully hydrated blah, blah, blah . . .

Twice this week I’ve been awake at a disgustingly early hour and been rather confused by my inability to drift off again.  Twice I haven’t actually got out of bed.  WHY?  I don’t know.  Just an alien action, I guess.  But I’m working on finding out what my problem is. 

My energy levels are much higher, I have mental clarity before the sheep are up and the potential to add an hour and a half to my day.  What a lucky girl I am!  That’s life changing, I’m changing.  Round here the birds start chirping at around 2am.  The lighter mornings are coming.  A 5am walk (I don’t do running!) is actually a possibility in the coming months, unheard of until now.  Shall I be brave and continue this physical awakening or cut back on the drops?

Know what?  I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway!  God bless DHL for delivering the drops all the way from America!  Don’t be surprised if my next post is at 4.30am!! You won’t believe me when I say a yellow van just pulled onto my drive with the next bottle.  How strange is that?

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