The Citroen Cometh

At 15.48hrs this afternoon, Daughter flew in from Liverpool.  Not actually flew, of course, but arrived in a flurry having jumped in car following end of last lecture at 13.00hrs.  She had it timed down to the last second, having loaded bags in car this morning, and bag of Walkers Cheese and Onion as evidenced by empty bag on passenger seat.  She only went back 8 days ago and has managed a weekend with a mate in Sheffield in that time.  Lovely to see her.  Husband descends ladder from where he’s been administering first aid to aging guttering or something.  Job commenced two years ago and, after 24 months, wasn’t in any mood to stop him moving the project forward so just going with the flow on that one.  Should add he hadn’t been up the ladder all that time, having taken a 23 month break.  Now he’s making a career out of filling a few gaps; it’s taken hours of dedicated fiddling.  I believe it to be an avoidance technique – avoidance of tasks required by my good self INSIDE the homestead.  Release torpedo through front door, aka Alfred, who’s like a coiled spring  having recognised the sound of the car.  I follow at a more sedate pace.  Go round to driver’s door and look in.  Horror.  What’s she done?  Calm yourself, my dear, I think.

Now, with the greatest respect to all who enjoy wearing facial ironwork, D has never shown any fondness for it.  My eyes are drawn to the appendage at the top of the left ear which is fully displayed as hair secured behind same.  A hoop is clearly visible at about 2 o’clock.  D registers look on my face – nope, not saying anything.  She’s a big girl now, if she want’s hoops, stars and whatever else is readily available for stapling to her anatomy, I won’t make a fuss.  Asked if I like it – to lie or not to lie, that is the question.  Decide a cautious response best.  Then, the little minx announces she was just joking and it’s removable!  Just thought she’d get me going, she said.  Asked if I had palpitations.  Deny physiological symptoms of any kind.

There seems to be an age thing going on here.  D tells me she wore it to Uni this morning and peeps were saying it was so cool and where could they get it done.  Sheep, or what?  Apparently, they were gutted upon discovering it was all a joke.  This joke ironwork can be attached to nostrils, eyebrows and other places that I’m too much of a lady to speak of.  Said she did it to see what reaction it provoked.  Excuse me, Miss, aren’t they working you hard enough in those lectures?

Actually, some lectures have been cancelled so there’s nothing until Thursday moring.  She’s a black belt inTaekwondo Taekwon Do and has a grading for her 2nd Dan very soon, so decided to whizz home to train at her old club for a couple of sessions before driving back on Wednesday night.  Admire her energy and determination to succeed.

For all my worrying and fretting, have to acknowledge D looks really well and is blossoming.  Feel a flush of relief and a greater one of pride in this young lady.  Uni suits her and she’s happy, which is what it’s all about, is it not?

Oh yes, she came bearing a gift.  Anyone who knows me is familiar with my passion for cheese.  A huge stall selling cheese was erected smack in the middle of the Uni.  Why?  Seems nobody knows.  I’m now the proud owner of a goodly sized wedge of something blue and it ain’t Stilton so identification will be a pleasure later on.  Better open the wine and augment with a few savoury biccies as I relax and indulge.  Oh Thoughtful, Generous One, thanks for thinking of me amid phoney piercings and student stuff.

By the way, did you know that onions affect a dog’s haemoglobin levels causing the spleen to destroy the abnormal red cells?  No, neither did I until half an hour ago.  Am I to become a vet by osmosis, do you think?

Must dash, the cheese platter calleth me.

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