The Metal Birds!

Dsc00130 Alf, is a character.  He sometimes has ‘issues’.  He was sent into a tail spin (literally!) during Cheltenham Gold Cup Week when the poor lad was all covered in confusion.

Let me explain.  Alfie loves to chase birds.  Yes, on occasions he has caught them but he has such a soft mouth, he delivers them to me by gently opening his mouth and a somewhat startled but unharmed feathered friend will hop out.  Usually, in ‘our field’ he simply runs at a feeding flock of whatever happens to have landed.  Of course, they all fly off and our lad runs around the field pursuing them as they navigate the skies.  I do wonder if they deliberately torment him on occasions since I have witnessed them taking off and then flying low to the ground.  Could be my over active imagination or perhaps a little gamesmanship by the brightest of the flock.  Not sure about that one.  But Race Week was a different story . . .

Our special field is on the flight path between the local airport and Cheltenham Racecourse.  As you will probably know, anyone who is or thinks they are anyone visits Corporate Hospitality.  Such personages would not have time to travel by road and so they are ferried in a fleet of helicopters, as are the jockeys.  Now that amounts to a constant drone of the metal flock passing overhead.

Each time a metal bird passed overhead, Alfie charged the length of the field, crashing to a halt when he hit the hedge.  Well, it’s hard for a boy to know where the boundaries are when staring skywards!  Great way to exercise one’s pet, while gently strolling in the morning sunshine!

Luckily for him, that’s well and truly over for this year and he can revert to that age old pursuit of canine gentlemen, chasing the local wildlife!

Go, boy, go . . .

PS – His mother, Susie, has more sense!

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